Gartner: Forget Magic Quadrants, let’s do marketing transit maps

June 20, 2013


Gartner: Forget Magic Quadrants, let’s do marketing transit maps

Gartner is best known for its Magic Quadrant and hype cycle graphics, but if you really want to land chief marketing officers perhaps the transit map infographic is the way to go.

The IT research firm on Thursday pitched what it called the “digital marketing transit map,” an infographic that outlines all the connections between marketers, technology, advertising and decision makers.

In other words, Gartner, like every other vendor in the IT space, needs some compelling reason to talk to chief marketing officers. Enter the transit map.


My first reaction was this: “Boy those guys at Gartner have some extra time on their hands.”

My second reaction was this: “What the hell?”

My third reaction was this: “I kind of see the point now.”

And my final thought was: “Marketing can’t be this damn complicated can it?”

In a nutshell, Gartner’s map, a spin on the NYC subway version, divides marketing into neighborhoods, functional regions in a company; tracks, which connect regions like application services; stations, interaction points for vendors and production; and intersections to serve multiple areas of an enterprises. Offline areas are the actual people making the calls.

Perhaps marketing is this complicated. Gartner is certainly hoping you think so. If marketing were easy you wouldn’t need a bunch of consultants and analysts to help you out.


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