Cloudscaling Dumps Its CEO

July 30, 2013


Cloudscaling Dumps Its CEO


“We are a fast-firing, hard-charging, startup of professionals who are passionate about building clouds using OpenStack,” wrote Cloudscaling co-founder and CTO Randy Bias today as he announced that he and the company’s Board of Directors, having decided that a change in leadership is needed, have “initiated a leadership transition process” – or, in non-jargon, have dumped their existing CEO.

Bye bye Michael Grant, who only joined Cloudscaling in February 2011. Hello, in due course, a new CEO…but in the meantime Bias will himself function as Acting CEO on an interim basis.

In a blog entry on the company website titled simply “Changes”, Bias wrote:

“Michael led us through two rounds of funding, helped us transition from a professional services to a product company and refined our message to penetrate new markets. … Change is usually uncomfortable, but when done deliberately and for the right reasons, it will position us for continued success.”

Randy%20Bias_0.pngIn a spirited rallying cry, Bias (pictured left) – who co-founded Cloudscaling with fellow Cloud pioneer Adam Waters – declared: “With the momentum of a killer first half of 2013, the wind is at our backs.” He added:

“Cloudscaling has made tremendous progress since the beginning of the year. We’ve signed significant customer deals, launched and announced new products, signed major partnerships and closed $10M in Series B financing. This leadership transition is designed to put the company in the best possible position to leverage that success and bring our product, Open Cloud System (OCS), to a growing base of enterprise customers.”

According to Bias it is the success of OpenStack that has triggered the need to jettison Grant (my verb, not Randy’s!):

“OpenStack is taking off at a pace that has defied almost everyone’s initial assumptions, and buying patterns are beginning to emerge. That’s a good thing, and it inevitably means change.”

We will continue at Cloud Computing Journal to track and report on the progress of Cloudscaling in its search for a new CEO with experience of leading B2B cloud product companies through the rapid adoption phase of growth. In the meantime Bias expects two more strong quarters since, as he says, “We have a third-generation product about to ship, customers, positive market momentum and cash in the bank.”



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