EMCVoice: The Intersection Of Big Data And Cloud

July 30, 2013


The Intersection Of Big Data And Cloud


One of the things we can expect to see a lot more of in the future is the concept of Big Data for Infrastructure. By that I mean the intersection of cloud infrastructure and cloud services and Big Data capability and functionality. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for environments to have over 1000 virtual machines.

We are able to continue to realize the value and the benefit of cloud computing.

Going forward, it’s going to be increasingly more important to having a solid understanding of the performance, functionality and capacity of the resources that are deployed in our data centers. We will need to figure out how to characterize these resources, both for data centers we own as well as those in public clouds that the business is interested in.

In my opinion, this is a Big Data problem, as there exists a multitude of challenges associated with what is running in each environment, how it is running, how much a business can consume, etc. In addition, we will need a lot more integration into the actual infrastructure itself to report on what’s happening within the extended cloud environment.

We have seen a steady increase in the intersection of Big Data and security over the last few years that 144875892revolutionizes the way that we protect and defend our systems. I think we have seen the same sort of thing in regards to how we plan and manage our large data centers through the use of Big Data concepts, but it’s going require some new innovative solutions over the next few years.

Want to read more on this intersection of big data and infrastructure? Check out my earlier blog on the topic of “Big Data and Analytics for Infrastructure.”


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