How to run Hadoop on OpenStack with Hortonworks Sandbox

August 14, 2013

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How to run Hadoop on OpenStack with Hortonworks Sandbox

How to run Hadoop on OpenStack with Hortonworks Sandbox

The Hortonworks Sandbox is a great tool for not only learning Hadoop, but also for experimentation and application development. Deployment in a type 2 hypervisor such as Oracle VirtualBox or VMWare Workstation is straightforward and serves the need for a single user. Sandbox can also be deployed to IaaS environments, and in this case, we walk through the steps of deploying Hortonworks Sandbox on OpenStack. For the purposes of this article, the author has used OpenStack Grizzly release running QEMU-KVM as the underlying hypervisor. Since QEMU_KVM does not directly support VMDK images, the Sandbox VMDK image must be converted to a supported format; in this case we will use a qcow2 format.


The approach described in this article makes use of both Oracle VirtualBox and qemu-img. Requirements include:

Oracle VirtualBox 4.x, must be installed

qemu-img conversion tool (likely available in the OpenStack environment)

OpenStack installation (versions Essex, Folsom or Grizzly should work fine) with access to nova and glance.

Step 1: Download Hortonworks Sandbox

Download the Hortonworks Sandbox 1.3 (VirtualBox). The end result of this step should be a file named: Hortonworks+Sandbox+1.3+VirtualBox+RC6.ova …

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