Managing the mixed cloud: Red Hat’s Open Hybrid Cloud

August 14, 2013


Managing the mixed cloud: Red Hat’s Open Hybrid Cloud

Managing the mixed cloud: Red Hat’s Open Hybrid Cloud

Red Hat, the major supplier of open source software, is no longer just a Linux OS provider. It’s been busy building its Open Hybrid Cloud portfolio on top of RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) for its enterprise customers. Red Hat is a top contributor to OpenStack and has released OpenShift PaaS for on-premise use, along with its support prices. What do Red Hat’s enterprise customers tell them about cloud? Why are Red Hat building an Open Hybrid Cloud solution? What problems does Red Hat want to solve? These are some of the questions I had for Bryan Che, general manager of the Red Hat Cloud Business Unit.

Today’s enterprise mix“Traditionally IT has been focused on being a producer and a provider of internal services as people build up their applications, as they run their infrastructure. It’s been the responsibility of IT to deliver that,” Che said. “When you take a look at the enterprise mix, they’re dealing with everything – physical servers, virtual servers, public clouds. They’ve got different data centers, different data sets, different applications, different technology stacks, applications that they need to continue running”.

The enterprise IT provider is under pressure to offer what public cloud providers can offer their customers, but the two are not the same. Enterprise IT is a heterogeneous environment, but public cloud services run in a homogenous environment. Established organizations don’t have the advantage of a fresh start like cloud providers. …

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